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Pingxiang Chengsong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2002, adheres to the policy of "combining production, learning and research" and adheres to scientific innovation. It is a professional environmental protection technology enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation, engineering contracting and operation of new technologies such as oil refining, petroleum, chemical industry, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), smelting, coal chemical industry and environmental protection industry, tower internals, mass transfer equipment, separation equipment and filler. 


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Chengsong environmental protection products are widely used in many fields

  • Oil refining field

  • Oil field

  • Chemical field

  • Smelting field

  • Coal chemical industry

  • Papermaking field

  • Hydrogen peroxide field

  • Environmental protection field


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Inert alumina ceramic ball

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Microporous filter bricks, plates, tube...

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Wide-side porous net nest catalyst prot...

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Trough liquid distributor

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Blister tray

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Sieve tray

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Packing support and pressure grid

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Plastic honeycomb packing

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Since the implementation of the joint-stock system in 2003, the company has achieved rapid development. Its products sell well to large and medium-sized enterprises in the national petrochemical, coal chemical, chemical fertilizer, smelting, electric power, medicine and environmental protection industries, and are exported to the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, which are highly praised and praised by the majority of users. Today, with the full promotion of the socialist economic system reform and facing the new 21st century, all employees of the company will boldly explore, work hard, open up a new situation with a new attitude, innovate their performance and build a new monument with the enterprise spirit of "unity, dedication, development and efficiency".

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